Our Cantinas are Unique!

  • Functions like a credit… 1 cantina = 5 lunches.
  • Have it your way! Dine in with us or take it go.
  • Need Delivery? No problem! You can simply pre-pay the delivery fee and we will deliver it to you when you want it.
  • The choice is yours! You choose the Special of the Day or from one of the many alternate options available.
  • Upgrade Options are Available.
Picada El Colombiano

El Colombiano

Providing the highest quality food and service since 2007.

Cantina Menu

  • Special of the day. (changes daily so be sure to sign up for our email list to get our weekly specials)
  • Other options if don’t want the special of the day: Other options if don’t want the special of the day: chicken, Fish Steak, or Pork, either grilled or breaded Mini bandeja with either ground beef, grilled steak or chicken
  • Mini Mojarra Frita ($2.50 more) or Viudo Mojarra ($3 more)

Upgrade Options

  • Add one of our house made sauces to any plate $1.00

    Avocado, cilantro, mushroom, criolla, ajillo

  • Add Coconut Rice $1.00

    Delicious house made coconut rice.

  • Add a drink $2.95

    20 oz. Bottled Soda, Water or Tea

  • Add fresh natural juice $3.50

    Maracuyá, Mora, Mango, Lulo, Guanábana, Guayaba, Tomate de árbol

  • Quinoa 2.00

    Swap out your rice for a healthier option with quinoa.

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